Ported from Rakan.
Role Difficulty
Difficulty Star Difficulty Star Difficulty Star
As mercurial as he is charming, Thespian is what is known as a battle-dancer. Who would have thought an Omnic could be so light on its feet?

Primary Weapon [LMB]

Attacks build charges that can be expended with your secondary fire.

Gleam [RMB]

Expend charges to heal surrounding allies.

Vault [Passive]

Jumping while crouched causes you to leap a substantial distance in the facing direction. Surrounding enemies are also launched in the same direction.

  Grand Entrance [Shift]

You dash to the target location. You can hold crouch to arrive poised to Vault.

  Duet [E]

You dash to the target ally and grant them a shield. Holds 2 charges.

Captive Audience [Q]

For the next X seconds, Thespian gains bonus movement speed and will Charm icon Charm enemy heroes he hits for a brief duration or until they lose sight of him. Thespian cannot attack during Captive Audiance.