Ported from Darius.
Role Difficulty
Difficulty Star Difficulty Star Difficulty EmptyStar
I am your Queen. Welcome to the apocalypse!

Guillotine [LMB]

The Queen's Guillotine is a brutal melee weapon, able to deal punishing damage in a wide arc as well as causing targets to bleed for additional damage over the next few seconds.

Decimate [E]

The Queen hefts her axe and then swings it about her, dealing damage to all surrounding enemies. Enemies hit by the blade take additional damage. Decimate will apply Guillotine's bleed. She may move throughout.

  Apprehend [Shift]

The Queen pulls all enemies in a cone toward her and briefly stuns them.

Uppercut or Junkertown Justice [Q]

Uppercut: The Queen performs a swift uppercut against the target enemy, dealing substantial damage and sending them flying. If they collide with terrain, they are briefly stunned.
Junkertown Justice: The Queen executes the target enemy hero.