Ported from Team Fortress 2's Spy.
Role Difficulty
Difficulty Star Difficulty Star Difficulty EmptyStar
He has already breached our defenses. You've seen what he's done to our colleagues! And worst of all: he could be any one of us.

Lestrade Knife Balisong [1]

Lestrade performs a slash with his butterfly knife. Backstabs with the Balisong will deal lethal damage in almost all circumstances.

Lestrade Ambassador The Ambassador [2]

Lestrade fires off a round from his trusty six-shooter. Fairly accurate with moderate damage, this weapon serves primarily as a backup plan for failed backstab attempts.

  Ambush [Shift]

Lestrade turns invisible after a 1 second delay for 9 seconds. A slight shimmer is visible to keen eyes under the right light, but automated units will never detect him. Bumping into a unit or being hit will cause the invisibility to momentarily flicker.

  Subterfuge [E]

Lestrade disguises himself as a choice hero wearing the enemy's colors. The disguise will choose a random name from the enemy team, prioritizing enemies recently seen with the hero (including skins).

Lestrade EMP E. M. Pulsar [Q]

Lestrade hurls a grenade forward that explodes after a brief delay, disabling all affected electronics and Silence icon silencing affected heroes for the next 3 seconds.