Affected Entities

Type Description
Units This ability affects champions, minions and monsters.
Champions / Minions / Monsters This ability affects the specified unit-type.
Structures This ability affects turrets, inhibitors and nexuses.
Turrets / Inhibitors / Nexuses This ability affects the specified structure-type.
Terrain This ability affects terrain.
Ally This ability affects allies.
Enemy This ability affects enemies.
Self This ability affects yourself.

Damage Types

Type Description
Magic Magic damage benefits from magic penetration and is mitigated by magic resistance.
Physical Physical damage benefits from armor penetration and is mitigated by armor.
True True damage cannot be amplified nor reduced, with the exception of invulnerabilities. It always deals the specified value.


Concept/Exploration Art
Inspiration Art
  • Artwork that inspired your champion, but is not an image of your champion. Inspiration artwork does not necessary have to contain a character, but should not be used as the Champion's Portrait if it does not.
Reference Art
  • Artwork that you feel is representative of your champion, but is not an image of your champion - e.g. QuantumSquare.png Quantum the Holomancer (uses an image of Clank from Ratchet and Clank).
Splash Art
  • Artwork that was created specifically for your champion that has been stylized as the champion's splash art - e.g. MaSquare.png DhaMa the Force of Balance.

Targeting Types

Type Description Example
Passive This effect does not have an active component. Hyper, Twin Disciplines, Martial Cadence
No Target This active does not require any additional input from the user. The majority of No Target abilities are point-blank area of effects and self-buffs. Tantrum, Requiem, Siphoning Strike, Defensive Ball Curl
Auto Target Similar to No Target, except that a valid affected unit must be in range in order to activate the ability. Death Lotus, Hate Spike, Soul Shackles
Target Entity This active affects the target unit. This should also specify the affected unit (e.g. "Target Ally"). Transfusion, Assault and Battery, Urchin Strike
Target Direction This active goes off in a given direction, which covers the majority of skill-shots and conic area of effects. Mystic Shot, Siphon of Destruction
Target Location This active goes off at the target location. Resolute Smite, Lay Waste

Note that many Target Location abilities will go off at maximum range in the Target Direction if the targeted location is beyond the maximum range.