the Howling Wind

Artwork by Smite
Missing Role


Melee role


1 Growth 18
Health 425 (+62.25)
Health regen. 4.5 (+0.5)
Mana 270 (+35)
Mana Regen. 5 (+0.5)
Attack Damage 55 (+3.5)
Attack Speed 0.625 (+2%)
Armor 18 (+3.85)
Magic Resist. 30 (+1)
Attack Range 125
Mov. Speed N/A

Fenris, the Howling Wind is a melee fighter champion.


Fenris, the Howling Wind
  • Male
  • Iceborn
  • The Freljord

For centuries, wolves have been seen with some animosity and mistrust across the Freljord. Although the creatures themselves are not considered malevolent, they are often subject to improbable tales and childhood myths. Stories of ghost animals, unnatural beasts with hearts of ice and icicles for teeth, are all too common in the Freljord, but if one was to compare the numerous narratives of the Freljord's many distinct tribes, a correlation would appear... every tribe in the Freljord portrays some kind of "winter wolf". Named after the fierce winds of the north, the "Howling Wind" is a powerful and merciless beast, with a deep-seated malice towards any with warm blood in their veins.

The stories are not far from the truth. The creature's true name is Fenris, and its origins lie in a time beyond living memory: in the age of the Watchers. When the Frozen Watchers still reigned in the Freljord, when Lissandra and her sisters were not yet enemies but family, Fenris was created. He was a creature of true ice, given intelligence and the shape of a wolf; a gift from the Watchers to Lissandra for her loyalty. Since his creation, he was always seen at her side, ominously stalking behind her.

In the destructive aftermath of the War of the Three Sisters, Lissandra sent Fenris―long recognized as a symbol of her power―away, so that she might better infiltrate the Freljord's scattered tribes and prepare them for her masters' return. But he never wandered too far from the Ice Witch. He lurked on the outskirts; a foreboding force that shadowed her every move. Even Lissandra, who considered herself to be the wolf's master, did not know what to make of it at times. But the wolf did not approach her, as he was instructed centuries ago. Why Fenris has taken interest in Lissandra's activities within the League of Legends is a mystery still unsolved.

Winter is coming. And with it, the hound.
― Sejuani, the Winter's Wrath


Winds of Winter
Targeting Affects
Passive Self

Fenris' damaging abilities and basic attacks generate stacks of Cold Omen, granting him bonus movement speed. Up to 10 stacks can be held at a time. If Fenris has not dealt or received damage in the last 3 seconds, he will lose a stack of Cold Omen every 0.75 seconds.

  • Bonus Movement Speed:


Cold Burn
Targeting Affects Damage
Directional Enemies physical

Active: Fenris flings a volley of ice shards in the target direction, dealing physical damage and shredding enemy armor by for 4 seconds. Multiple applications of Cold Burn will not extend the armor reduction's duration.

  • Physical Damage: 60/70/80/90/100 (+65% AD)
  • Armor Reduction: 15/17.5/20/22.5/25%
  • Cooldown: 8/7.5/7/6.5/6
  • Cost: 55/60/65/70/75 mana
  • Range: