While Riot was mocked for giving CassiopeiaSquare Cassiopeia's Slither, I thought it was interesting. What if all physiological traits were represented in its champion's abilities?
AniviaSquare Anivia
She's a bird.
CassiopeiaSquare Cassiopeia
Cassiopeia's trespassing within an ancient Shuriman temple cursed her a serpentine form, as well as a venomous tongue.
  • Slither
    • New Innate: Cassiopeia cannot purchase Boots and instead gains 9 Movement Speed per level, for a base movement speed of 349 - 502 (based on level).
CorkiSquare Corki
He can fly.
GalioSquare Galio
This mother fucker can fly!
KayleSquare Kayle
Lee SinSquare Lee Sin
Lee Sin is Nearsight icon blind, self-inflicted as penance for a fatal act of irresponsibility. Though unable to see, he has honed his hearing to more than offset the impairment.
  • Blind Monk
    • Revised Innate: Lee Sin True Sight icon reveals enemies within a 1300 radius whenever they are hit by a basic attack (any source) or ability, which lasts for 3.5 seconds.
LissandraSquare Lissandra
Lissandra is Nearsight icon blind, mauled by an ursine prior to gaining immortality. Through her ice, though, she sees the world.
  • Iceborn
    • Revised Innate: Lissandra coats a 550-radius area around her or her claw with Ice which lingers for 60 / 75 / 90 / 105 / 120 seconds. Lissandra gains Sight icon sight over her Ice, limited to those bits connected to her current position.
MorganaSquare Morgana
Fallen angel.