Here you will find a list of all champion roles.

Fighters - (Usually) Durable champions that go toe-to-toe with enemies.

  • Enforcer Large Enforcers - Fighters with a high-impact engage and/or a persistent lock-down threat.
  • Juggernaut Large Juggernauts - Immobile fighters that are an exceptional damage threat at short range.
  • Skirmisher Large Skirmishers - Fighters with strong sticking potential.

Slayers - Champions with the most abundant and accessible damage. The team's DPS.

  • Artillery Large Artillery - Slayers with ranged damage that reaches BEHIND the front-line.
  • Bombardier Large Bombardiers - Slayers with ranged damage that bombards the front line.
  • Mage Large Mages - Slayers that deal burst damage at range, by contrast to a Ranger's consistent damage. Almost all mages feature self-enabling crowd control and their damage is almost always area of effect.
  • Ranger Large Rangers - Slayers that deal continuous damage from range.
  • Reaper Large Reapers - Slayers that excel at reaching and killing priority targets, with an emphasis on reaching.

Supports - Champions that are focused on enabling allies.

  • Disruptor Large Disruptors - Supports that focus on locking down the enemy.
  • Enchanter Large Enchanters - Supports that focus on empowering their allies with shields, heals or other effects.
  • Warden Large Wardens - Supports that focus on intercepting damage and enemies from their allies.

Specialists - The "Other" category, with champions that focus primarily on PVE or avoiding-PVP.

  • Defense Large Defense - Champions that specialize at holding positions.
  • Demo Large Demos - Champions that specialize at taking down structures.
  • Poacher Large Poachers - Champions that specialize at securing jungle objectives, with an emphasis on securing (i.e. in contest with an enemy). This subclass is not for champions who can survive in the jungle.
  • Saboteur Large Saboteurs - Champions that specialize in creating traps and denial, including trump mechanics like Ground and Knockdown.

Other Categories

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