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• 9/28/2016

New Champion Roles

The following are the new Champion roles:

Fighters - Durable, almost exclusively melee damage dealers.

  • Enforcer Large Enforcers - Fighters with a high-impact engage, and often pose a persistent lock-down threat.
  • Juggernaut Large Juggernauts - Immobile fighters that are an exceptional damage threat at short range.
  • Skirmisher Large Skirmishers - Fighters with strong sticking potential, often described as duelists or melee carries.

Slayers - Fragile damage dealers.

  • Artillery Large Artillery - Slayers with ranged damage that reaches BEHIND the front-line.
  • Bombardier Large Bombardiers - Slayers that bombard the enemy front line with damage, also known as "poke champions".
  • Mage Large Mages - Slayers that deal burst damage at range, by contrast to a Ranger's consistent damage. Almost all mages feature self-enabling crowd control and their damage is almost always area of effect.
  • Ranger Large Rangers - Slayers that deal continuous damage from range. Physical rangers are better known as "Marksmen".
  • Reaper Large Reapers - Slayers that excel at reaching and killing priority targets, with an emphasis on reaching. The Assassin class was renamed to disassociate agile damage dealers from champions that can instakill a target (i.e. "assassinate").

Supports - Champions that are focused on enabling allies.

  • Disruptor Large Disruptors - Supports that focus on locking down the enemy.
  • Enchanter Large Enchanters - Supports that focus on empowering their allies with shields, heals or other effects.
  • Warden Large Wardens - Supports that focus on intercepting damage and enemies from their allies.

Specialists - The "Other" category, with champions that focus primarily on PVE or avoiding-PVP.

  • Defense Large Defense - Champions that specialize at holding positions.
  • Demo Large Demos - Champions that specialize at taking down structures.
  • Poacher Large Poachers - Champions that specialize at securing jungle objectives, with an emphasis on securing (i.e. in contest with an enemy). This subclass is not for champions who can survive in the jungle.
  • Saboteur Large Saboteurs - Champions that specialize in creating traps and area of denial. Soft-Disruptors, in the sense of utilizing non-CC to control the enemy.
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• 9/28/2016

The above class update was implemented in advance of Riot's upcoming update. However, there are some changes. The following is Riot's upcoming system:


  • Controller - Controllers are defensive casters that oversee, protect and create opportunities for allies.
    • Disruptor - Controllings that specialize in locking down and creating threat zones.
    • Enchanter - Controllers that heal, shield or grant other beneficial effects.
  • Fighter - Tank-Slayer hybrids - durable damage dealers.
    • Diver - Mobile fighters that excel at jumping on priority targets.
    • Juggernaut - Immobile fighters: the raid bosses.
  • Mage - Mages are offensive casters that cripple and burst.
    • Artillery - Mages that master range, but are vulnerable to being collapsed upon.
    • Burst - Mages that focus on locking down and devastating targets from range.
    • Battlemage - Immobile mages that seek to be in the fray - wrecking all nearby enemies.
  • Marksman - Champions that excel at dealing sustained damage from range.
  • Slayer - Fragile but agile damage dealers.
    • Assassin - Slayers that specialize at getting onto high priority targets.
    • Skirmisher - Slayers that have poor target selection, but can kill anyone they are able to get in range of indiscriminately.
  • Tank - Champions that excel at taking damage and disruption, but are not a damage threat.
    • Vanguard - Front-line tanks: the battering rams.
    • Warden - Protection tanks: the steadfast guardians.
  • Other - Blitzcrank, Cho’Gath, Fiddlesticks, Kennen, Singed and Urgot.

I have lots to say on this, particularly with poor champion placement within this structure. The short version:

  • Support-shaming is canon.
  • The Disruptor class has a good definition but contains only the following champions: Anivia, Heimerdinger, Taliyah, Teemo, Zyra, Morgana, Nami and Orianna. Even amongst themselves, those champions have very little in common. Blitzcrank is where?
  • Diver and Vanguard have the exact same definition.
  • Juggernauts, e.g. Volibear and Dr. Mundo, are not considered tanks.
  • Tanks and Disruptors have the same definition, barring "being tanky".
  • Artillery =/= bombardment. Most of the champion's Riot has classified as Artillery are actually "Poke champions" (e.g. Nidalee).
  • Riot's definition of Battlemage is basically AP Juggernaut, but aside from Vladimir, Swain and Rumble, none of the champions in that class actually want to be in melee range of enemies (e.g. Brand and Cassiopeia).

... click the link above for my full list of complaints.

I'm open to suggestions for my system, though. Are there any glaring issues?

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