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• 8/21/2017

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• 9/28/2016

New Champion Roles

The following are the new Champion roles:
Fighters - Durable, almost exclusively melee damage dealers.

Enforcers - Fighters with a high-impact engage, and often pose a persistent lock-down threat.
Juggernauts - Immobile fighters that are an exceptional damage threat at short range.
Skirmishers - Fighters with strong sticking potential, often described as duelists or melee carries.
Slayers - Fragile damage dealers.

Artillery - Slayers with ranged damage that reaches BEHIND the front-line.
Bombardiers - Slayers that bombard the enemy front line with damage, also known as "poke champions".
Mages - Slayers that deal burst damage at range, by contrast to a Ranger's consistent damage. Almost all mages feature self-enabling crowd control and their damage is almost always area of effect.
Rangers - Slayers that deal continuous damage from range. Physical rangers are better known as "Marksmen".
Reapers - Slayers that excel at reaching and killing priority targets, with an emphasis on reaching. The Assassin class was renamed to disassociate agile damage dealers from champions that can instakill a target (i.e. "assassinate").
Supports - Champions that are focused on enabling allies.

Disruptors - Supports that focus on locking down the enemy.
Enchanters - Supports that focus on empowering their allies with shields, heals or other effects.
Wardens - Supports that focus on intercepting damage and enemies from their allies.
Specialists - The "Other" category, with champions that focus primarily on PVE or avoiding-PVP.

Defense - Champions that specialize at holding positions.
Demos - Champions that specialize at taking down structures.
Poachers - Champions that specialize at securing jungle objectives, with an emphasis on securing (i.e. in contest with an enemy). This subclass is not for champions who can survive in the jungle.
Saboteurs - Champions that specialize in creating traps and area of denial. Soft-Disruptors, in the sense of utilizing non-CC to control the enemy.
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